How to Handle Anxiety When GERD Attacks

It is excessive anxiety that I want to talk, a psychological disorder such as anxiety and feeling too much worry. It has many causes. Anxiety is commonly experienced by those who have gaster acid problems, especially people with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), a disease that is caused by damage of esophagus-stomach valve.

The symptoms; when gaster acid rises, for example, when you feel cold, late eating, fatigue, or severe stress, your mind will be chaotic, anxious, uncomfortable, despair, fear of unclear something, or you feel like going to die. This psychic disturbances followed by a physical attack, jus like burning feeling in the stomach, cold sweat, aches all over the body, or the worst; convulsions and stomach cramps.

The anxiety I experienced is a logical consequence of my GERD. While recover from GERD, I were recovering from anxiety as well. The difference is, this GERD took one year for me to recover, while te anxiety as the GERD’s effects took 2 years.

In the past, approximately three years ago, my anxiety was greatly exaggerated. I ever ride motorcycle intend to campus, but I reached only a half of kilometer, I worried to get any accident or else, and finally I turned back. The next day, I reached one kilometer. The next day, I reached halfway. It took one week until I could really completed the road to campus. Moreover, if I late to eat just for half of a hour, It was so terrible panic. So, when traveling, I always brought apple or some bananas.

Later, I observed that three to four months ago, my anxiety has been significantly reduced. The over-weird and worry no longer haunt me. It will appear only when I force my body; too imposing such activity in a long time, force my self to not rest at night, or late dining hours.

Well, if you also experience something like this, the steps should be taken first is to stop all physical activity to calm the mind. Then try to relax the respiratory system, and divers your mind to something relaxing. Then, drink warm water and eat foods which are 'stomach friendly' and gently chewed.

In addition, do not just seek to overcome any anxiety, by consuming a variety of artificial medicines or mind therapies. You have to understand the root cause of your anxiety, if you already understand source, then try to heal that problem. So, anxiety effect will go away itself.

That’s all my experience about how to handle anxiety. Keep your spirit on and value your health. []

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